App Design

Patient Search (Walgreens)

My Role
April 2018
  • 40% increase in customer frustration due to waiting time for prescription
  • Outdated interface for healthcare professionals
  • Increased complaints by frustrated professionals who must learn outdated and cumbersome multiple interfaces to decipher whether the patient is picking up a prescription (order), dropping off a prescription (order), or inquiring about a prescription (order)  
  • 5x processing time due to low search parameter capabilities
  • 50% increase in query accuracies and competencies of healthcare users
With Pixelignite:
  • CoDesigned application interface & established a new patient order flow
  •  Standardize "Search" across all applications 
  • 70% increase in accuracy and completeness for users
  • Higher response due to increased parameters
  • Incorporation of the "Smart Search" feature

Now we've all at some point experienced the varied issues of filling and getting your prescription at your local pharmacy, especially if by a drive-through, and Walgreens is no different. Frustrations were shared by both customers and healthcare professionals in efficiently and correctly finding prescription data. So we teamed up with Walgreens Booth Alliance with an exciting challenge to innovate and transform their patient order system

Here's how it went


We started the process with a workshop to understand the problem, set the desired outcomes & align with the team. Then, using low-fidelity prototypes, we interviewed and tested a pharmacy advisory council to validate our ideas & assumptions of search issues. The interviews revealed that seven out of ten people were excited about the potential app incorporating key features to improve healthcare professional usage.

Findability is King

Walgreens is a pharmacy staple and a data trove for insights. What we unearthed was enlightening - finding patients and orders was challenging. For example, some were incapable of using Date of Birth(DOB), restricted to one parameter, unable to parse hyphenated names, and parsing partial last and first names proved problematic. Henceforth, the goal was to design an experience that helps users parse and produce correct results with varied parameters.

Innovating through design

Working closely with the Walgreens team, we accomplished these milestones: 

  • Establish the core functionalities of a new product
  • Research, iterate, refine and standardize the flow
  • Design the UI of the product with established design system colors
Mimicking Google to Search Smartly

Wanting to refine the search to mimic a famous Google "all in one" search capability, customer interviews revealed that 10 out of 13 people spoke exuberantly, especially with the prefilling and partial entry ability.

Learnings & summary

In under four months weeks, a more innovative, simple yet sophisticated search application yielded these benefits to health professionals:

  • Identify & resolve usability issues in the search process.
  • We created the value of a product with a verifiable new logical flowing process.