Desktop Design

QRF - (Quote Retrieval Form)

My Role
March 2022
  • 40% increase in product completion
  • Determine areas of opportunities, such as customer traffic through QRF with a revamped interface
  • 55% increase in customer center call due to not knowing if it was an online quote or phone call via an agent
With Pixelignite:
  • Improved, expanded, and validated new product
  • 95% approval rate of the Scheduling wizardry component
  • 40% drop in calls to the customer center in differentiating between an online quote or quote via agent call.
  • Proved viable for a qualifiable quote to bind sales

Shopping for an actual instance quote is frustrating yet vital for potential buyers. For American Family Insurance, the Quote Retrieve Form (QRF) frustrated users as they needed clarification when rerouted to an agent via phone instead of an instant online quote. 

Here's how it went

Working with the internal QRF team, we started with a workshop to identify the problem and goals using a data-driven approach gathering analytics on the traffic, conversion, and other qualifiers to crystalize the pain points.

Innovation #1 - Erasing 55%

American Family Insurance receives over 20,000+ quotes via the QRF with a limited product to select from with the potential to convert to an actual sale. The challenge identified is that users sometimes need to learn from the product combinations what will be an online quote or offline to an agent. The goal was to design an experience that curtails confusion with different categories, thus bringing the 55% down to 5% in conversion

Innovation #2 - Appointment control

Forced to wait on that call at the end for a surprised agent call, users couldn't schedule the time, date, and agent to talk according to preference. A sense of relief was the expressions by eight out of ten unmoderated users we tested on.

Impact on QRF

The result is a product that that conquered all the pitfalls of the current product: 

  • With the new design, Improved tool completion rate by 58%
  • Create deliverables based on 100% design system. Worked on a design system concurrently revamped to ensure it aligned with brand and style.
  • Rating scales metrics ease of use, preference of use, perceived usability, visual appeal, and perceived trustworthiness averaged 20% points higher for the proposed.
  • 4x understanding and differentiation between products that provide online quotes vs offline agents over the phone quote