App Design


My Role
May 2019
  • Lacked intuitive interface
  • 36% increase in risk-adjustable ICDs and HCCs for healthcare professionals
  • 50% of client complaints in query accuracies
With Pixelignite:
  • Strategized & Co-designed & co-managed a high-growth web-based app
  • 70% increase in accuracy and completeness for users
  • 45% increase in clinical documentation and case management
  • 59% decrease in insurance claim denials

Patient misidentification costs the average clinician nearly 30 minutes of wasted. According to one research, 35% percent of all medical claims are denied due inefficiency of providers in finding, analyzing, and producing patient records.Advent Health Partners, aware of the issue and gap in the market, jumped to solve it with their novel AI processing software called CAVO. We worked with CAVO's team to revitalize the architecture and design to improve growth. 

Complex data into digestible bits

Performing an initial inspection, it became evident the complexity of document analysis and organization was a sore spot. Additionally, the system's accuracy and rendition of documents were difficult depending on the phone, tablet, and desktop. The goal was to remove the countless points of friction and have a systematic way to improve on all the things that could go wrong in the process.

Intuitive product through design

The team established a practical, data-driven process to measure customer feedback, product improvements, and development. We focused on answering their questions on findability - can I find records via code only? Set query rules to flag specific claims with a high rejection rate.

As a result of close collaboration with the development and product team at CAVO, we created a maximally simple, intuitive experience that allowed people to parse and find documents in mere seconds. Results showed a 70% increase in accuracy and completeness, as voiced by testers.

We also designed an innovative feature to find documents by predefined codes and queries. As a result, CAVO's system would quickly find and provide results based on custom words set up by the company. From here, the magic of CAVO's API worked wonders, bringing simple joy to healthcare providers. 

Breakout growth supported by design

From the jump, we aimed to find all pain points in the system that would create a bad user experience, such as places users would get stuck, lose interest quickly, or leave due to dissatisfaction. We improved the product by increasing iterations and mapping out the whole experience. A strong case for investing in better design to empower growth was evident. The main lesson we drew from working on creating & improving CAVO was this: whenever we made a change that showed users more value and quicker, it positively impacted the business.